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De Luz CSD's Mission:

"To enhance the community by providing quality roads, law enforcement, environmental and ancillary services."

Serving the De Luz Area Since 1979
Sunday, February 17, 2019
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Serving De Luz Since 1979

De Luz CSD's Mission:

"To enhance the community by providing quality roads, law enforcement, environmental and ancillary services."

De Luz Community Services District

Road Maintenance, Supplemental Police Protection, and Refuse Collection

The De Luz Community Services District, formerly known as the Santa Rosa Community Services District, was established in November 1978 by the Riverside County Board of Supervisors. It began operations in March 1979 under the provisions of the Community Services District Act (Section 61000 et. seq. of the California Government Code). Upon establishment, it was granted the power to perform three functions: road construction and maintenance, refuse collection, and extended police protection. The District's name was changed in 2007 to better identify with the surrounding area.

The District is comprised of approximately 20,000 acres in the Santa Rosa plateau, a mountainous area situated due west of the City of Temecula. The area is primarily agricultural in nature, with a majority of acres planted in avocados and citrus.

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News and Updates


CURRENT ROAD CLOSURES (until further notice):

  • Via Vaquero Road South of Sandia Creek Drive
  • Sandia Creek Drive at El Prado South
Please continue to exercise extreme caution. District crews are continuing to clear the roadways. We ask that you continue to drive with caution and appreciate your patience while we diligently work to complete this task.

More rain is expected so remember water crossing roadways can exert surprising force. Please never crossing running water on foot as less than 6" deep flow can easily knock an adult off their feet. Even in a vehicle, please use extreme caution and do not attempt to cross fast flowing streams, many vehicles can be washed off the road with less than 12" of fast running water.

We will update the District's website as more information becomes available.

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The office will be closed on February 18, 2019 in observance of President's Day.

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De Luz CSD

2018 Newsletter

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RCWD Launches New Crop Conversion Program!

The District’s newly created CropSWAP program provides financial assistance for agriculture customers who convert high water use crops to lower water varieties. Qualifying applicants can receive assistance of up to $15,000 per acre converted.

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Buena Vista Road: from El Calamar Road to Los Gatos Road

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"In the early days the place was known as Corral de Jose de Luz. (Don Juan) Forester's vaqueros told me there was a Spaniard or Californian by the name of Jose de Luz who kept stock in there at one time, and had built a corral there. I remember there was a few stubs of post of a corral near the adobe."

A.J. Foss

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The De Luz Community Service District offices are open Monday thru Thursday from 7:30 a.m. to 5 p.m, and Friday 7:30 a.m. to 4:00 p.m. We invite you to contact us directly during normal business hours for help with any issues regarding the Service District.

James E. Emmons

General Manager

Board Secretary


Cher Ruzek

Office Manager

Assistant Board Secretary

Extension: 201 Email:

Theresa Snyder

Accounting Administrator

Extension: 202 Email:

Keith Caddy

Project Inspector

Maintenance Foreman

Extension: 206 Email:

Pedro Salazar

Maintenance Worker

Extension: 208

Phone: 951-696-0060

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