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Important Information About your Tax Bill

The De Luz CSD is a public agency responsible for maintaining many of the roads in the De Luz area. The maintenance funds are collected via 'benefit fees' paid by those property owners who reside within the District boundaries, and collected on the property tax rolls of Riverside County. You will see the following two line items on your tax bill that are placed by the De Luz CSD:

De Luz Com Sv Benefit Charge (Fund 68-4171)

The De Luz Community Services District is divided into five geographical zones. Each year, prior to drafting the budget, all accepted District roads are inspected to determine the maintenance work required for the coming fiscal year. Public budget workshops are held to discuss the recommended improvements, as well as the overhead costs of running the District. The cost of maintaining the primary roads, and the general and administrative costs are shared equally on a 'per acre' basis by all property owners within the District. The cost of maintaining the secondary roads is shared equally on a 'per acre' basis by the property owners of that zone only. The maintenance cost of the District primary roads, the general and administrative expense, and the maintenance of the secondary roads within your particular zone make up your benefit fee.

De Luz CSD Sheriff Spec Tax (Fund 68-4174)

In 1989, the District contracted with the County of Riverside for a Deputy Sheriff dedicated to service within the CSD boundaries. This Deputy was in addition to the level of service already provided by the County. The arrangement proved so successful, that the following year an additional Deputy was added to the contract. Unfortunately due to accumulated rate increases by the Sheriff's Department, and the constraints of Proposition 218, the staffing level was returned to one Deputy in 2014. The 'special tax' for this service is $16.33 per acre, per year.

If the above information has not sufficiently answered your questions, please call the District Office, (951) 696-0060.


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