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Projects Out to Bid

2018 Crack & Slurry Seal Project

Contract awarded July 18, 2018 to Roy Allan Slurry Seal, Inc., in the amount of $460,690.00


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Construction Updates

2017-2018 Completed Projects

FEMA Declaration No. 4305 - Project #RIDEC53/54/55/56/57 "Various Zones Small Projects" 

2016-2017 Completed Projects

2016 Crack and Slurry Seal Project (Includes additional road striping) 

2015-2016 Completed Projects

Rehabilitation and Overlay of Carancho Rd. (Sandia Creek Dr. to South of El Prado Rd.) 

2014-2015 Completed Projects

Rehabilitation of Via Vaquero Rd. Phase III 

2013-2014 Completed Projects

Rehabilitation of Via Vaquero Rd. Phase II-B & Avenida Del Oro Phase I (Zone IV) 
Carancho Road Slurry Seal 

2012-2013 Completed Projects

Rehabilitation of a portion of Via Vaquero Rd. Phase II-A & a portion of El Prado Rd. Phase VI 
Overlay Rio Linda Rd., and portions of Tortuga Rd. & Vista Del Mar 
Rehabilitation of a portion of Camaron Rd. (De Anza Rd. to District Boundary) 
Summer slurry seal project 

2011-2012 Completed Projects

2011 Crack & slurry seal project 
El Viento Seco slope repair 
Rehabilitation of Sandia Creek Dr. (w/o De Anza Road); Camaron Rd. (n/o De Luz Road) and El Prado Rd. (n/o Sandia Creek Drive) 
Slurry Seal Project 
A.C. repairs to Via Horca - Zone V 
Improvements to Vuelta Grande & Vuelta Chica; Drainage & Roadway improvements to Calle Capistrano (n/o via De Larga Vida), & Carancho slump repair (at Arch culvert #2) 
Rehabilitation of Via Vaquero - Phase I & VI; Camaron Rd. - Phase I, and a portion of El Calamar Rd. (s/o Lillian Lane) 

2010-2011 Completed Projects

Via Los Ventos Grading and Paving 
Sandi Creek slump failure 
2010 Slurry Seal Project 
Via Los Ventos grading 
Rehab of 3 intersections on Sandia Creek Rd. 
2010 Rehabilitation of portions of Via Santa Rosa 
Rehabilitation of El Prado Rd. - Phase IV & V 

2009-2010 Completed Projects

Via Tornado & Los Gatos 
2009 Slurry Seal project  
Sandia Creek & El Prado Phase II 

2008-2009 Completed Projects

Via Santa Rosa 
El Prado Road 
Los Gatos Road 

2007-2008 Completed Projects

Terreno Dr. and Granado Pl. 

2006-2007 Completed Projects

Buena Loma Road 
Sandia Creek Phase III 
Via Vaquero Road 


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